Free the world from anti-personnel mines
Freeyourmine - is a charity crypto game running on Ethereum blockchain, where each action rids the planet of real anti-personnel mines and saves lives.
You will be surprised, but the world is "mined"
The area covered in mines is equal to 3 mln soccer fields and and growing due to ongoing military conflicts
110 mln
undetonated mines are still burried underground
15 000+
people get killed and injured yearly by mines, 40% are children
20 000+ km2
mine polluted areas do not participate in economic activities in 60+ countries! Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Vietnam, Iraq, Sudan, Croatia and others
Current funding is insufficient
The existing charity schemes are not transparent and thus do not create trust among philanthropists and hinder the collection of funds
$20 bln
are required to solve the problem globally
$0.5 bln
financed by governments yearly, but it's insufficient!
~20 years
will be required to clear the planet's landmines at a current speed - only 5% of the territories get cleared yearly
As a result, lack of funds significantly delays process deadlines approved by the international convention AP Mine Ban Convention APMBC in 1997
We satisfy the natural human need to help and participate in charitable projects, with game mechanics. A leaderboard provides participants with deep engagement and gives them an opportunity to see the results of their contributions and support.
Freeyourmine - charity crypto game on the Ethereum's blockchain attempts to solve the global problem in a new way
Do you remember the "Minesweeper" game from the 90s on Windows?
Now imagine, clearing a cell is mirrored in reality, on a real minefield, by a real deminer.
Freeyourmine is a place, where each player's action directly influences the real-world anti-personnel landmine elimination
The player picks a 3m x 3m (9 m2) area on an inveractive map, which reflects the real minefields, and pays the costs of clearing the area
An accredited demining company clears the paid-up area
If a mine is discovered on the selected area, the benefactor receives a reward - rating, prizes and tokens, including unique collectables
By clearance the area of mines, the name of the "liberator" is permanently recorded in the blockchain by a smart contract
Blockchain, smartcontracts and ERC-20 & ERC-721 tokens
Blockchain technologies allow making the donation process as transparent and simple as possible. Tokens facilitate all interaction on the platform. All the results of the work are recorded in the blockchain. Read more about the used tokens and smartcontacts in our Whitepaper.

Our partners
Demining company LLC "Bureau of special projects and surveys"
The Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC)
We are running a closed presale in june 2018
Q2 - 2018
— Whitepaper
— closed presale
— legal registration
— partnering with demining companies
— game concept
— crowdfunding campaign launch
— participation in demilitarization conferences
Q3 - 2018
— MVP development
— smartcontracts audit
— tokensale
— release of the game v. 1.0
— start of demining operation in Cambodia
Q4 - 2018
— Global marketing campaign
— mapping 2 more countries for demining
— start of demining in the above countries
— partnerships with Philanthropy Funds

Want to join the team or offer cooperation, send us an email!
Mikhail Chernogorov
15 years of leadership in the largest metallurgical companies in Russia and Europe, "UMMC" and "Evraz." Specialization - tender purchases, sales, communications, ensuring transparency of business processes.
Andrey Rutkevich
Professional deminer in the second generation. In 1999 Andrey participated in the practical demining of SFOR (the Stabilisation Force, part of NATO) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The owner and head of the company, "Bureau of Special Projects and Surveys", conducts the demining activities. The company cleared more than 80 mln m2.
Pavel Shershnev
Crypto-enthusiast, founder of an IT development company and an investment fund
Olga Chernogorova
organizes interaction with charities
Volunteer and charity event organizer. Olga has a strong internal need for help children and for the past few years she has been a regular participant in various charity events to support poor families and children left without parents
Boris Rutkevich
Professional deminer, Colonel of the reserve of engineering troops, Ph.D., teacher of the VV Kuibyshev Military Engineering Academy, inventor, author and co-author of 40 closed publications, 8 engineering inventions.
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