Сharity online game running on the blockchain, where each action rids the planet of real anti-personnel mines and saves lives.
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How it works
110mln mines are still polluting Earth and 15 000 people get injured every year.
You'll be surprised, but the world is mined!
It works just like the "Minesweeper" game, you could have played on MS WIndows, the only difference is that actual demining teams will be clearing the squares you pick from real mines.
To sort this out we have created a blockchain based, charitable crypto game Freeyourmine.
This is how it works. A player picks a square 3x3 metres on an interactive world map, with known minefields marked. Then a smart contract transfers money for this square to be cleared. A players' name(it could be a company also) is forever recorded on the blockchain and is displayed on the map for the whole world to see.

Demining team checks the paid for square. If a mine is found, the player receives a reward: tokens, rating and possibly prizes from the partners.
What is the blockchain and smart-contracts
Blockchain — is a technology which makes transparent business processes possible. Thanks to blockchain you can see where your money is going, as if you would personally take your money to the demining company and oversee their work. To make this possible a smart-contract is put in place.

In this smart-contract the parties agree to the terms, if the money is transferred, the mines must be cleared. If any of the parties don't perform their duties, the smart-contract is not executed.

In reality the chain of events would include accountants, finance specialist, bankers, payment aggregators, a smart contract does all this automatically.
How to pay
You can use any currency to pay for the demining. The smart-contract will automatically convert it to digital tokens. Token is an internal currency on  blockchain, it can only be used to pay for the services in Freeyourmine.
How much does it cost to clear one square meter
The cost of clearing one square meter heavily depends on the terrain and in some places it's double. In Bosnia and Herzegovina the terrain is hilly and woody and thus demining is expensive, more than $10 per square meter. In Cambodia the price is only $0.4. The average price globally is about $1 per square meter.
How do I know the demining has been done and people have received the money
It's impossible to hide what's happening to your funds in a blockchain. When you pay for demining, the money goes to the escrow account. This is a temporary store where they stay until both parties fulfill the terms of the smart contract. Then the money will be automatically transfered to the demining company. Part of the funds will fund the project so that we can operate and form a prize fund. This is also in the terms of the contract.
Who makes the map and how
Our partners — licensed demining centers all over the world. They submit the coordinates of the minefields and highlight the ones with the most severe "pollution". We transfer these coordinates to our interactive map, on which the benefactor picks a square and pays for demining.
Where does the project start
The first countries will be Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. According to unofficial sources 22% of Vietnam is covered in mines. The area of mine pollution in Cambodia is over 2000 km².
of the planet is covered by minefields — according to official data. What's the actual area — no one knows.
That's 7 million football fields, and the figure is growing because of the ongoing wars. In Cambodia, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Iraq, Sudan, Croatia and another 60 countries, this land does not participate in economic activities

50,000 km²
Why is it important?
We created Freeyourmine, because the world is mined, and we need to do something about this.
110 million
are injured every year, being blown up by mines. 40% of affected are children
unexploded mines are still hidden in the ground
15,000 people
is needed to clear all minefields
per year is allocated by states - this is not enough
$50 billion
$0,5 billion
What do the world governments do about this?
Governments finance demining through the AP Mine Ban Convention Convention, but this is not enough. People do not trust the existing schemes for supporting charity projects and do not want to donate money if they can end up in the wrong hands.
We want to quickly cleanse the world of mines and save lives. To do this, we do a project on the blockchain, so that philanthropists know what happens to their money.
Support project
Our goal now is to raise $ 200'000 through a crowdfunding campaign. It will be used to launch the project, conclude agreements with demining companies in Cambodia, finish the development of the game V1.0, conduct test demining and prepare for the main token.

You can support the project right now.
Thank you for your contribution!
We will send the wallet address and tell you how the project is developing..
with your help, we are several steps closer to realizing
What's next
We will do quarterly planning. This is what will happen after we collect the money needed for the launch.
The second quarter of 2020
We conduct a crowdfunding campaign.

We negotiate with demining companies in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We solve legal issues.

We develop an MVP demo version of the game to be run in the first country.

We carry out the actual demining with the participation of licensed partners.
The third quarter of 2020
Launch the crowdfunding campaign.

Developing the first version of the game.

We conclude partnership agreements with global sponsors.

The fourth quarter of 2020
We begin clearing the territories in the participating countries.

We launch a marketing campaign all over the world and connect new countries to the project.

We conclude a partnership with the UN, charitable foundations and new demining companies.
Team and Partners
Fear, anger, weakness and resentment lurking inside us, just like mines can cause us to explode and cause harm to our loved ones.

When people do good deeds and participate in something which makes global impact, they feel empowered and become more confident. Life gets filled with meaning. So helping to clean the planet of real mines, we clean ourselves of "internal mines".
We came up with Freeyourmine project to save lives.
Drop us a line, if you wish to join the team.
Mikhail Chernogorov
More than 15 years in the area of organization of transparent processes and procurement in the largest metallurgical holdings of Russia and Europe "UMMC" and "Evraz". He graduated from the corporate career in the position of deputy commercial director of the management company "UMMC-OCM": wich manages four factories producing non-ferrous rolled metal products with a total staff of more than 10,000 people.
Andrey Rutkevich
A professional deminer, he heads the Bureau of Special Projects and Surveys. For 20 years the company has cleared 90 million m² and disposed of tens of thousands of explosive items.

Andrew served in the engineer battalion of the Airborne Forces, in 1999 participated in the practical clearance in the SFOR — NATO peacekeeping forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Pavel Shershnev
Technical Director (CTO)
Troubleshooter and a crypto enthusiast, co-founder of a software development company

Ex Citibank employee, with very deep knowledge of IT and startups in general.
Alexey Alekseev
Producer of the films "Hardcore" and "Major". Participant and prize-winner of international festivals: MIFF, Kinotavr, TIFF, and others.

"Hardcore" - the only full-length action from the first person. Winner of the International Film Festival in Toronto 2016.

"Major" participated in the Cannes Festival in 2013. He received three awards at the Shanghai International Festival: the best film, the best director, the best music. 432 020/
Olga Chernogorova
Team member
Volunteer, the organizer of charitable events.

Olga has a strong internal need to help children and for the past few years has been supporting charitable events to support poor families and children left without parents.
Ekaterina Baranovskaya
Team member
Director of the charitable foundation "Everything is possible — Ural". The organizer of the volunteer movement "Vmeste" ("Together"). Laureate of the "Gift of Humanity" award. The owner of the "Big Heart" award of the Ministry of Social Policy of the Sverdlovsk Region. Nominee of the "Top-50" award of the magazine "Dog" in the social sphere. Develops parachute sport for people with disabilities in the Sverdlovsk region.
Konstantin Byshevoy
Professional TV and radio presenter, journalist (My Planet Channel, 1, Radio Silver rain, Radio Mayak). Trainer for assessing and developing public speaking skills in such companies as Mastercard, Lukoil, Gazprom, Boehringer Ingelheim, Skolkovo. Mentor of TED speakers.

The Cambodian Mine Action Center
The demining company.
Software development company.
The developer of game solutions for teaching and developing people.
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